About Us

I’m forty three years old and I have been married three times in my life. Can you guess what one similarity ties them together? What they have in common, all the men who have passed through my life? It is not that they all have brown hair or they all are sporty types. My first husband was a big, tall blond and my second husband was a skinny, dark skinned guy, while the last man in my life was bald and a little chubby. All three men had very different personalities and interest but they all had one thing that linked them together;they were all roofing contractors. I am trying to imagine why it is that I always meet men who work in the roofing business. I am wondering if it is me who is attracted to roofers or if I posses some strange quality that pulls people from the roofing industry to me. Roofing in Denver, where I live, is a pretty big industry so statistically speaking I might be more likely to meet a roofer than someone from say, Ohio. The idea that I always date and marry roofers is not as easy to explain as; there are lots of roofers in town. When I was a young girl still in school my parents took me and my brother to a beach town in New York for the summer. While my family spent the days lazing in the sun and eating lobsters fresh from the sea, my brother would explore the north end of the beach and I would hang out by the lifeguard stand where my first crush talked to me about his life and his summer plans. At the time I didn’t think anything of it when he told me that he was going to finish school and then pick up the family roofing business . Looking back at that moment, it seems that was the beginning of an entire life of love with roofing people. The whole thing is just strange. I have had good and bad time with my roofing men, more good than bad. I have no bad feelings towards roofers, they tend to be good, honest people and they are hard working as well.I only wish I knew why it is that this particular line of work has brought so many people through my life. I have been divorced for almost six months now and it is time to start seeing what is out there for me. The other day a girl friend of mine told me she was going to set me up with a very handsome and loving man who was a long time friend of her family. She showed me his picture and I was impressed, he was very good looking and had a kind face. Of course when I asked my friend what he did for a living, the answer was more than foreseeable. I was about to start another relationship with a roofer. The guy she was setting me up with worked for the Denver roofing company. I know they are a good company so I am going to give it a shot. I guess I am just destined to be with roofers forever.